Drone art (also known as drone display or drone light show) is the use of hundreds or thousands of drones flying in a coordinated fashion with light fixtures attached. Each is equipped with LED lights acting as a pixel in a choreographed set of images in the sky. Drone shows captivate and entertain while delivering customized imagery and messaging in the sky.

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Next Generation Fireworks

Drone light shows can replace and enhance shows with fireworks, lasers, flames, smoke, music, and more. Drones are reusable, and do not produce chemical and noise pollution.

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Sky’s The


Drone shows display customized messages and logos in the sky that amplify branding while entertaining audiences. Drone shows are best used at night to illuminate the sky allowing your brand to capture everyone’s attention to tell your story.

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Proper Permits & Safety

Proper permits, training, technical skills and supplies to plan and carry out large-scale drone light shows.