The old-world charm of embroidery is a creative and innovative way to offer attendees a personalized and luxurious on-site experience. On-site embroidery allows attendees to have items personalized with their names or initials in as little as 60 seconds. The act of watching the embroidery process unfold in real-time can be both captivating and immersive for attendees. It adds an element of craftsmanship and uniqueness that can make the event even more memorable. Attendees not only get to witness the creation of their personalized items but also have the opportunity to be part of the process by selecting the design, font, and other customization options.

Transform giveaways into unique one-of-a-kind keepsakes with creative, artistic expression of attendees unique personalities by selecting custom text, fonts, and dozens of thread colors and metallic threads. Popular items to embroider include shirts, hats, jackets, jeans and toiletry bags, with embroidery being compatible with DE Experiences such as: Web Based Form, QR CODE, and Track-iT!


30-Second Embroidery

Embroider items in as fast as 30 seconds per item per machine. We have the capability to add a dozen of custom embroidery machines for high-traffic events.

Get Stylish

Totally personalized embroidery. Embroider multiple colors and metallic threads, 3D puff stitching, various fonts and sizes and custom patches.

Live Embroidery Designer

Personalize your SWAG – simply choose from a curated selection of eye-catching graphics, add your custom text, and effortlessly resize and place the elements.