DE has been a trusted provider of on-site personalized giveaways for over 15 years, serving activations, trade shows, and events across the US, Europe, and the Pacific. With a focus on personalization and customization services, DE has developed technology to automate these processes and deliver them live at events.

Developing interactive user experiences that enhance the overall event experience by making it as memorable as the actual giveaway.


This text message platform keeps attendees informed about their personalized item’s progress. They receive a text with their job number, position in the queue, and estimated completion time after submitting their request. This feature provides transparency and keeps attendees engaged.


Every item produced is recorded and logged with a video linked to each individual’s job number. When their item is ready for pick-up, attendees receive a text with a link to the video, showcasing their item being produced. Each video is watermarked with the client’s brand, enabling easy sharing on social media.

Live Event Management Software

Each BA has access to text attendee when ready, edit the attendees request, submit re-do tickets, reprint missing tickets, bump up a VIP order and cancel orders.

Live Designer

Attendees can use their own mobile devices to access a drag-and-drop de signer, where they can customize their items by selecting and modifying graphics and text. This interactive tool empowers attendees to personalize their giveaways to their preferences.

Live Video Stream

Live video stream shares the customization experience by letting attendees watch their giveaway while it’s being customized live on-site (video wall or monitor) or 24/7 online.

On-Site Next-10

A display shows the next 10 job numbers to be produced, allowing attendees to track how close their item is to completion. This feature adds anticipation and excitement to the experience.

Split-Flap Display

Split-Flap Display creates a focal point that enhances any activation and captures attendee attention with a shared messaging experience.

High-Res Video Walls

Visually promote your brand as well as our onsite personalization services in order to attract, engage, and inform attendees.

Secondary Engagement

Allows attendees the opportunity to customize and receive a second item / gift in exchange for completing a follow-up survey or posting their experience to their social media.

Merchandising Hang Tags

Attractive hang tags adds value to the giveaway and provides the opportunity to continue to engage with individuals after they have left your booth.

 Rest API

DE’s Rest API enables secure information exchange over the internet with clients’ servers. This integration eliminates the need for attendees to duplicate data already existing on the clients’ servers, streamlining the personalization process.

Starlink Internet Access

Internet is a critical component of every activation! Use STARLINK to guarantee high-speed, no-fuss internet at your next event!