Share the experience! With Share-iT! by DE, attendees can post a pre-recorded video of their item being customized on-site to their social networks, boosting brand promotion and visibility.

Share-iT de experience

About Share-iT!

The Process

  • A link of the attendee’s actual product being personalized is sent to the attendee via a text message.
  • Attendees can watch their product being personalized as many times as they want. The provided link of their customization experience can easily be posted to social media and shared with friends for everyone to watch.

The Brand

  • The videos can easily be watermarked with your brand’s logo.
  • When attendees share their videos on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, it showcases their brand pride and enhances your brand’s online visibility.

The Benefits

  • A branded giveaway ROI is measured in the number of visual impressions seen by the individual over the life of the product.
  • Incorporating Share-iT! significantly boosts the count of your brand’s visual impressions into the tens of thousands, and quite possibly even more.