Split-Flap Display creates a focal point that enhances any activation and captures attendee attention with a shared messaging experience.


  • Digital meets Analog. Beautifully choreographed words are mechanically displayed.
  • Split-Flap displays have historically been used for decades in European train stations.
  • The familiar clack clack sound that sparks memories of past travels remains the same and continues to engage attendees.
  • Say goodbye to static signage – and glowing monitors. Bring your branding to life. Split-Flap attracts attention with motion and sound while providing engaging information.
  • DE’s Split-Flap displays provide information on your brand, how an attendee can engage with our personalized giveaways and display’s queue status from Track-it!.


Use Split-Flap Displays In:

  • Stadiums, Stores, Tradeshows, Conferences, Music Festivals & More!