Track-iT! By DE enhances both the attendee’s and client’s experience while personalizing premiums at activations, while also organizing the distribution process.


About Track-iT!


DE texts the attendee with a confirmation once their request is submitted as well as when it is completed. Attendees can text to get an updated status on where they are at in the queue, how many minutes until completed, and the estimated pickup time.

Attendee submits their order and Track-iT! instantly sends a confirmation text message with their job number, position in the queue, the estimated number of minutes before the item is completed, and an estimated completion time.  Want an update? The attendee replies to the confirmation text by sending “STATUS” at any time to get an update on where they are in the queue along with their estimated completion time.

  • i.e. Job number #387 is currently number 16 in the queue. We estimate your item will be ready in 8 minutes at 3:37 pm. We will text you when your order is ready for pickup.


Exhibitors can see who is in the queue waiting for their personalized item and directly engage them by sending a text through Track-iT!

Personalized giveaways are proven to generate a lot of traffic to your booth. So much so that frequently it’s hard to sort out who your customers are from the swarm. Your staff can now visually track who is in the queue waiting for their personalized swag. Staff can preview completed surveys and decide whom they want to engage with by sending a text message through Track-iT!

  • i.e. Hi John, glad to see you stopped by the booth. While you are waiting, can we talk about your plans for this year?


Attendees can look up their job number and see where they are at in the que by searching on the Kiosk.

When attendees want to look up the status of their job, they can easily walk up to a Track-iT! Kiosk and look up the status of their job.

  • Search by name, cell number or text to be customized
  • Kiosk will display the job number, position in the queue, estimated minutes remaining, and estimated completion time
  • Can be used by both attendees and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Track-iT! texting works in 123 countries.

When submitting an order at an event, guest will be prompted to enter their country code and cell number.

Guest can skip entering a cell number when submitting order but they will not receive a text when their item is ready.

Guest can wait to receive a text confirming when their item is ready, or they can walk up to one of our self-service kiosks and enter name to look up the status

Yes. Guests will receive texts no different than any other text.

The text includes the job number, position in the Que and estimated completion time.

This text again includes the job number, details where to pick up. Also included is a link so they can watch a video of their item being made and a hashtag so they can post the video and their comments on SM.

Yes. We can brand each text with your company name, include a custom message and a link to your company’s website.

No. The only texts guests receive are regarding their order. When the event is over, we immediately delete all customer records, names and cell numbers.