Digital Events Screen Printing is an interactive experience that engages attendees to create a customized garment live on site in minutes. What appeals to both our clients, as well as consumers, is the unique experience of being able to take an off-the-rack garment, or accessory, and transform it into a one-of-a-kind item that represents that customers personality. Partner with Digital Events on your next event for live screen printing.

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personalized hats

Interactive Live Screen Printing

Screen Printing is just as much about the “show” of producing the item as the item is itself. By combining one or more screens and colors, your customer will be excited to customize an off-the-shelf item that will be worn with enthusiasm and cherished unlike any other garment hanging in their closet. We use the best screen printers on the market and build our own software to make the process innovate, seamless and engaging for every attendee & customer.