On-Site Sequin Printing is an ideal interactive personalization experience that appeals as much to high-end luxury brands as well as casual wear brands. In about one minute, customers/attendees can transform off-the-rack apparel into one-of-a-kind garments in real-time. Our Sequin Printing is ideal for customizing t-shirts and any kind of garment at an event or trade show. Partner with Digital Events to create lasting engagements with your brand and foster a more premium brand experience.

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Holographic Material, Mimics Rhinestones

Text, logos and shapes are easily digitized, then pixelated before being printed by our staff using ultra-bright holographic sequins. Our sequins are very thin pieces of holographic material that mimic rhinestones, yet they are perfectly soft, weigh nothing, smooth to the touch and withstand the rigors of being worn and washed frequently. The actual experience of printing garments with sequins will resonate with your customer as much as wearing the garment itself. The result is a garment that will sparkle, turn heads, be worn with enthusiasm and be cherished unlike any other garment hanging in your customer’s closet.