Digital Events is the leader in providing personalized giveaways live on-site at activations.  Our On-Site Live Laser Engraving provides a true interactive experience at your event.  In real-time, giveaways are engraved in as fast as 10 seconds per item.  Nothing increases engagement activity more than on-site personalization.


  • Laser engraved giveaways are as much about creating an interactive experiential experience as the actual giveaway itself.
  • Contactless customization. DE’s Live Designer utilizes 22″ touch-screen monitors to engage attendees to get creative and design their keepsake that will be ready in a few seconds.
  • Select custom text fonts icons emojis graphics and even add in photos from your mobile phone – Get creative as you want. When ready submit to be laser engraved.
  • Attendees can watch on remote monitor as our laser will transform their giveaway into a unique one-of-a-kind keepsake that is a creative artistic expression of their unique personality.
  • Not feeling creative? Try Live Designer’s Social Share feature. Share your personalization and customization experience with a friend at home in real-time so they too can simultaneously help you customize your giveaway.
  • Long lines? Our SKIPTHISLINE.COM feature is ideal for maintaining social distancing and makes it easy for your customers to use our Live Designer directly on their mobile device. Your customer will receive a text message complete with a unique job number when their personalized keepsake is ready to be picked up.

Ten Seconds

Laser engrave photo or text in as fast as 10 seconds per item.

On Any Material

Laser engrave on all types of materials including Metal, Leather, Glass, Wood, Silicone, and Plastic.  There’s truly no limit for our engravers.

Live Designer

22″ interactive touchscreen makes it super easy to fully customize items.  Share feature lets a friend from home simultaneously help customize.