Logo Engraving Videos

Who doesn’t love a good video? Here at Digital Events Inc we love to show off our stuff and give our clients exactly what they want. There are so many options available from stitching or engraving your items to what colors you can choose from.

We have worked with companies like YouTube, Nickelodeon, and Target for brand activations and events to give customers a cherished personalized gift to take home.

The customer already has a loyalty to your brand coming to your event. When you put both together, your logo and the customers name, it solidifies the loyalty even more. By putting both your logo and a customers name on a giveaway gives it that much more meaning.

Everyone loves a take away free gift and it looks even better with your own name on it! Here are some videos that show laser engraving on different items.




In one of our next posts we will show you some other videos including custom embroidery and digital printing. Be sure to check back at our blog for more up to date information, articles and exciting new videos.