We personalize giveaways at high-traffic, on-site events including the Olympics and the Super Bowl

Enhance your events with our on-site personalization services, offering custom giveaway products tailored for each attendee. From engraved gifts to personalized accessories, we provide memorable, unique items that leave a lasting impression and elevate the overall event experience.


Types of On-Site Events

Digital Events (DE) has a rich history of executing brand activations, trade shows, music festivals,  concerts, sporting events, and corporate events for over 15 years. With extensive experience in the  industry, DE has become a trusted provider of live on-site personalization of giveaways for numerous renowned brands across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. 

DE’s expertise lies in creating engaging interactive experiences for event attendees by offering on site personalization services. Whether it’s customizing apparel, accessories, or other promotional  items, DE brings a dynamic element to events by allowing attendees to personalize their giveaways in real-time.