Sporting Events & Tournaments

Personalizing items & giveaways live on site at tournaments and sporting events is a great way to engage fans and customers. We provide the full end-to-end personalization suite using the latest technologies to customize items with your brands logo and the customers name, initials, photo, or even favorite emoji. Parter with us at your next event to ensure consistency, reliability and professionalism at every activation.

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Engage Fans With Personalized SWAG

Personalized giveaways generate more traffic than any other giveaway. We transform typical swag into personalized keepsakes that are retained longer, cherished and promote your brand long after the event.

We’ve worked with majority of NFL, NBA and MLB teams and events ranging from the Super Bowl and The PGA Championship to NASCAR Daytona 500 and the Olympics Games

It’s no secret people love merchandise – take it one step further by allowing every attendee & fan to personalize it with their name, favorite photo from their phone, or a slogan they love

Personalizing the giveaway will create added emotional value and reinforce long term memories from that event

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Selecting the right giveaway doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. Something as simple as a $1 luggage tag when personalized and attached to a piece of luggage may last for years, or decades. The wrong giveaway, not personalized with attendee info, frequently is discarded within hours or days.


It’s a known fact that the sweetest and most important sound in any language is a person’s name. Use this on any giveaway and you will find that the giveaway withstands the test of time.

Generate more traffic to your booth

Retained longer

Cherished longer


Many activations and concerts have peak periods to capture traffic. Digital Event’s mobile feature makes it easy for people who have participated in the experience, to share the experience with friends while watching the concert. Our text message notification will alert them when their personalized giveaway is ready to be picked up and provide them with a unique job number to make the process pick-up process quick and organized.


Combine personalizing with a unique experience and the end result is a true experiential experience. All of our personalization technology is custom built around creating a unique interactive experience starting with the initial engagement.

Our Live Designer 22″ monitors engage attendees by making it easy to not only personalize their giveaway, but also fully customize it. Attendees have the option of selecting from custom graphics, backgrounds, emojis and fonts. Attendees can even upload images from their mobile device. The result is a one-of-a-kind personalized keepsake that will reflect the individual’s personality while strengthening your brand every time the product is used.


Track activity in real-time using our analytics dashboard. Run virtually unlimited reports filtered and sorted by dates, times, SKUs, popular items and more. Our goal is to provide all the data to supplement marketing reports and overall KPIs.