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Personalizing items & giveaways live on site at tournaments and sporting events is a great way to engage fans and customers. We provide the full end-to-end personalization suite using the latest technologies to customize items with your brands logo and the customers name, initials, photo, or even favorite emoji. Parter with us at your next event to ensure consistency, reliability and professionalism at every activation.

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Engage Fans With Personalized SWAG

Personalized giveaways generate more traffic than any other giveaway. We transform typical swag into personalized keepsakes that are retained longer, cherished and promote your brand long after the event.

We’ve worked with majority of NFL, NBA and MLB teams and events ranging from the Super Bowl and The PGA Championship to NASCAR Daytona 500 and the Olympics Games

It’s no secret people love merchandise – take it one step further by allowing every attendee & fan to personalize it with their name, favorite photo from their phone, or a slogan they love

Personalizing the giveaway will create added emotional value and reinforce long term memories from that event

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Selecting the right giveaway doesn’t always require a significant budget. In fact, sometimes simple  and cost-effective items can have a lasting impact on attendees. A personalized luggage tag, for  example, can be an excellent giveaway choice. By attaching it to a piece of luggage and personalizing it with the attendee’s information, it becomes a practical and memorable item that can potentially last for years or even decades. 

The key factor is personalization. When a giveaway is personalized with the attendee’s information,  it adds a sense of ownership and value to the item. It becomes more than just a generic promotional item; it becomes something unique and relevant to the recipient. This personal touch increases  the likelihood that the giveaway will be kept and used for an extended period. 

On the other hand, giveaways that lack personalization or are not tailored to the individual attendee often lose their appeal quickly. Without that personalized connection, these items may be  discarded within hours or days, resulting in a missed opportunity to leave a lasting impression.


Personalization has a powerful impact on the effectiveness and longevity of a giveaway. 

The sweetest and most important sound in any language is a person’s name, and when you use it on a giveaway, it creates a strong emotional connection. 

When a giveaway is personalized with an attendee’s name, it becomes more meaningful and memorable to them. It shows that you have taken the time and effort to recognize them as an individual. This personal touch not only makes the giveaway more special but also enhances the overall experience of receiving it. 

The impact of personalization goes beyond the moment of receiving the giveaway. Attendees are  more likely to retain and cherish personalized items because they hold a personal significance. The  giveaway becomes a keepsake, reminding them of their interaction with your brand and the positive experience they had at your booth. This, in turn, can lead to increased brand recall and loyalty. 

Furthermore, personalized giveaways have a higher chance of generating more traffic to your  booth. Attendees are attracted to personalized items as they offer a unique and individualized experience. They are more likely to engage with your booth to receive a personalized giveaway, leading to increased foot traffic and interaction with your brand.


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